5 Best Bass Guitars for Small Hands [2023 Reviews]


“The electric bass is such a big instrument, I have small hands, can I even play it?” “I have small fingers, I won’t be able to stretch my hands so much!” If you’re getting discouraged with thoughts like these, then this article is going to make you feel super-motivated. I’ll be going over the 5 … Read more

9 Traditional Chinese String Instruments That Sound Beautiful!

Chinese String Instruments

Traditional Chinese music has had a rich and diverse history; and a very different one from the Western world. The fact that China remained isolationist for centuries, their musical culture didn’t spread much outside of the Sinosphere. This is what makes traditional Chinese instruments even more special. Chinese String Instruments can be broadly classified into … Read more

Best Acoustic Bass Strings For All Styles (2023)

Best Acoustic Bass Strings

Choosing new strings for your instrument is always one of the two – Either you have a go-to brand that you buy without any second thought, or you mindlessly scroll through the endless catalog of strings available. Of course, that applies when deciding upon the best acoustic bass strings as well. If you fall into … Read more

Sustainiac Pickup Review (2023): In-Depth Breakdown and Thoughts

Sustainiac Pickup Review

In this Sustainiac Pickup Review, we will take an in-depth look at this infinite sustainer pickup and discuss whether it’s practical for you as a musician. Unlike compression pedals or EBows, Sustaniac is designed to directly replace the neck pickup on your guitar. This evidently means that you’d be sacrificing a ‘normal’ neck pickup in … Read more

30+ Best Fingerstyle Guitarists of All Time

Best Fingerstyle Guitarists

Before talking about the Best Fingerstyle Guitarists, let’s talk a bit about Fingerstyle Guitar. Fingerstyle refers to any style of guitar involving the use of fingers and thumb, and is now associated with a wide variety of styles and genres of music. These include Classical music, Travis picking, Folk music to even pop and fingerstyle … Read more

12 Famous Mexican Guitarists You Should Know

Famous Mexican Guitarists

Mexican music is extremely diverse with a wide variety of instruments, genres, and styles. Interestingly enough, modern Mexican music is a blend of traditional Folk and Mariachi styles with all sorts of European influences such as cultural Spanish music and German Polka. Well, a lot of you might recognize iconic Mexican songs like La Bamba … Read more

10+ Traditional Mexican Instruments You Should Know

Traditional Mexican Musical Instruments

Mexican and Latin American Songs are a blend of traditional culture and the influences brought by the Spanish during colloquial times. Modern Mexican music is the evolution of indigenous sounds combined with virtually all the European and Eastern instruments brought into Mexico. The world is already familiar with iconic Mexican songs like Oye cómo va, … Read more