5 Best Bass Amps For Gigging [2023 Reviews]

Best Bass Amps For Gigging

Back in the day, you would be lugging huge pieces of gear if you wanted your bass to be heard in a crowd. Fortunately, amplifiers these days have gotten less enormous and at the same time, more powerful. This means that you can spend time preparing for the performance instead of worrying about how you … Read more

5 Best Short Scale Bass Under $500 [2023 Reviews]

Best Short Scale Bass Under $500

When I first saw my friends playing the bass I thought it sounded really cool! And then I picked one up. Needless to say, my initial moments with this behemoth of an instrument didn’t go very well. Within a few minutes, I was back to playing guitar again. This is my story, but it need … Read more

5 Best Bass Guitars for Small Hands [2023 Reviews]


“The electric bass is such a big instrument, I have small hands, can I even play it?” “I have small fingers, I won’t be able to stretch my hands so much!” If you’re getting discouraged with thoughts like these, then this article is going to make you feel super-motivated. I’ll be going over the 5 … Read more

Best Acoustic Bass Strings For All Styles (2023)

Best Acoustic Bass Strings

Choosing new strings for your instrument is always one of the two – Either you have a go-to brand that you buy without any second thought, or you mindlessly scroll through the endless catalog of strings available. Of course, that applies when deciding upon the best acoustic bass strings as well. If you fall into … Read more