5 Best Taylor Guitars for the Money (2023 Reviews)

Best Taylor Guitars for the Money

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the name “Taylor Guitars”? Surely something along the lines of “high-end,” “royalty,” or maybe even “can’t afford.” But what about “value for money”? No, I’ve not gone crazy! Here are the best Taylor guitars for the money. Each one is priced under $1000 … Read more

7 Best Martin Guitars For The Money [2023 Reviews]

Best Martin Guitars For The Money

Okay, let me ask you this – “What acoustic guitar would you buy if you had $3000 right now?” Most of you will land on something like a Gibson J-45 or Martin D28 Standard, or maybe a flagship Grand Auditorium from Taylor. The reason is simple! You really can’t go wrong with these. But what … Read more

Gibson J-45 vs Martin D28: The Battle of The Icons

Gibson J-45 VS Martin D28

Gibson and Martin – two household names in the guitar world. What happens when their alpha-dreads face off? Two flagship standards. Two super-classics. Any acoustic aficionado would like to have both guitars in their arsenal. But of course, that’s not possible for most of us. But how can you even decide which one is better … Read more