5 Best Taylor Guitars for the Money (2023 Reviews)

Best Taylor Guitars for the Money

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the name “Taylor Guitars”? Surely something along the lines of “high-end,” “royalty,” or maybe even “can’t afford.” But what about “value for money”? No, I’ve not gone crazy! Here are the best Taylor guitars for the money. Each one is priced under $1000 … Read more

10 Famous Guitarists With Small Hands

If you have small hands or short fingers, trust me, you’re NOT at a disadvantage. You may have to find the right guitar and the right technique, but you certainly can play like your favorite artists. Angus Young, Danny Gatton, and Paul Simon don’t have the longest fingers. Despite that, all of them are formidable … Read more

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good? (Before You Buy!)

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good

Most Harley Bentons are excellent guitars, especially their higher range models, which by the way still have mid-range prices. Some of their models come with features found only in professional range guitars, such as stainless steel frets, locking tuners, and coil-split wiring. In this post, I’ll share some of my personal experiences with Harley Benton … Read more

Are Epiphone Guitars Good? (Compared With Gibson)

Are Epiphone Guitars Good?

Quality guitars at “budget” prices or cheap Gibson knock-offs? – Every guitar player’s dilemma when it comes to Epiphone guitars. But no matter which side of the debate you stand in, you have to admit that Epiphone has established itself as a leading guitar manufacturer. I’ve played dozens of Epis in the last decade, from … Read more

5 Best Bass Amps For Gigging [2023 Reviews]

Best Bass Amps For Gigging

Back in the day, you would be lugging huge pieces of gear if you wanted your bass to be heard in a crowd. Fortunately, amplifiers these days have gotten less enormous and at the same time, more powerful. This means that you can spend time preparing for the performance instead of worrying about how you … Read more

7 Best Martin Guitars For The Money [2023 Reviews]

Best Martin Guitars For The Money

Okay, let me ask you this – “What acoustic guitar would you buy if you had $3000 right now?” Most of you will land on something like a Gibson J-45 or Martin D28 Standard, or maybe a flagship Grand Auditorium from Taylor. The reason is simple! You really can’t go wrong with these. But what … Read more

5 Best Short Scale Bass Under $500 [2023 Reviews]

Best Short Scale Bass Under $500

When I first saw my friends playing the bass I thought it sounded really cool! And then I picked one up. Needless to say, my initial moments with this behemoth of an instrument didn’t go very well. Within a few minutes, I was back to playing guitar again. This is my story, but it need … Read more

10 Famous Flamenco Guitar Players of All Time

Famous Flamenco Guitar Players

Flamenco has its roots in the streets of Andalusia, Spain where it has been a traditional art form since several centuries. Performances only involved singing back then with dancing as an accompaniment. It was only around the early 20th century that the guitar was made an integral part of Flamenco. Then there came a wave … Read more

Gibson J-45 vs Martin D28: The Battle of The Icons

Gibson J-45 VS Martin D28

Gibson and Martin – two household names in the guitar world. What happens when their alpha-dreads face off? Two flagship standards. Two super-classics. Any acoustic aficionado would like to have both guitars in their arsenal. But of course, that’s not possible for most of us. But how can you even decide which one is better … Read more