Can You Play Classical Guitar Without Nails? (Pros and Cons)

Can You Play Classical Guitar without Nails

Classical guitar might seem intimidating for someone who has only played a steel-string acoustic or electric guitar before. You might have already heard that classical guitarists have long nails. But do you really need to grow fingernails? Can you play classical guitar without nails? The short answer is – Yes. You don’t have to grow … Read more

10+ Traditional Mexican Instruments You Should Know

Traditional Mexican Musical Instruments

Mexican and Latin American Songs are a blend of traditional culture and the influences brought by the Spanish during colloquial times. Modern Mexican music is the evolution of indigenous sounds combined with virtually all the European and Eastern instruments brought into Mexico. The world is already familiar with iconic Mexican songs like Oye cómo va, … Read more

Can You Play Classical Guitar With a Pick? (Pros and Cons)

Can You Play Classical Guitar with a Pick?

Classical Guitar is not the same thing as an Acoustic Guitar but with nylon strings instead. Higher action, flat-radius fingerboard, wider string spacing, and most importantly, the softer nylon strings make it vastly different in terms of playability and technique. But do you really need to grow fingernails to play it? Can you play classical … Read more

5 Best Bass Guitars for Small Hands [2023 Reviews]


“The electric bass is such a big instrument, I have small hands; Can I even play it?” “I have small fingers, I won’t be able to stretch my hands so much!” If you’re getting discouraged with thoughts like these, then this article is going to make you feel super-motivated. I’ll be going over the 5 … Read more

Can You Play Flamenco on a Steel String Guitar? (+Tips for Beginners)

Can You Play Flamenco on A Steel String Guitar?

Flamenco is a specific style of guitar that’s slightly different from nylon string classical guitar. Flamenco guitars are characterized by a sharp and loud attack with a swift decay causing an aggressive and percussive tonality. But what if you don’t have a nylon string with you? Can You Play Flamenco on a Steel String Guitar? … Read more

Best Fender Amps For Home Use (2023 Reviews)

Best Fender Amps For Home Use

I’ve tinkered with a lot of Fender amps in the past. And after thorough exploration and research, I’m excited to share my favorite picks with you! As a fellow bedroom guitarist myself, I understand the importance of finding an amp that can deliver exceptional tone and versatility in a compact and practical package. The number … Read more

10 Famous Guitarists With Small Hands

If you have small hands or short fingers, trust me, you’re NOT at a disadvantage. You may have to find the right guitar and the right technique, but you certainly can play like your favorite artists. Angus Young, Danny Gatton, and Paul Simon don’t have the longest fingers. Despite that, all of them are formidable … Read more

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good? (Before You Buy!)

Are Harley Benton Guitars Good

Most Harley Bentons are excellent guitars, especially their higher range models, which by the way still have mid-range prices. Some of their models come with features found only in professional range guitars, such as stainless steel frets, locking tuners, and coil-split wiring. In this post, I’ll share some of my personal experiences with Harley Benton … Read more